5 Tips to De-plastify Your Life

We are all in need of a plastic detox in our generation, whether it’s personal or a global effort. Here are 5 easy methods to get the toxic out of your life and reduce your plastic footprint–some obvious and some a little unconventional. Once you start, you’ll be seeing  our plastic problem and potential solutions everywhere.

Be Conscious with an Open Mind 


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Finding plastic-free alternatives can be a challenge, but Google and Pinterest have your back. Just by being aware and scrolling through options to de-plastify, you’re on the right track. This Pinterest user found a way to kick her plastic wrap problem by making DIY bees wax cloth wraps.

Tupperware is your Best Friend 


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Tupperware is a great alternative to keep food longer and fresher, which is probably not a new concept. After a meal, throw your leftovers in a container and reheat at a later date, or pack your kids’ snacks and lunch in Tupperware instead of single-use plastic bags. Tupperware comes in all different materials, but glass trumps reusable plastic. Take this idea one step further and bring your Tupperware to restaurants to take home leftover food

Shop Smart 


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It’s hard to get through a grocery store without a cart full of plastic–from produce to snacks, to dairy and meat. Some was to reduce the plastic while shopping:

  1. Grow and make your own food– it’s ok to start small
  2. Bring your own re-usable bags (even for produce!)
  3. Purchase in bulk
  4. Buy local

Clothing Matters 


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Buy clothing with natural, plastic-free materials like wool, cotton, hemp, or silk. Avoid plastic polyester and microplastic-shedding polar fleece.

Refuse Microbeads 


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Switch up your face wash and beauty products. Many face washes contain microbeads (aka plastic beads). A law passed in 2015 banning these poison pills, but the products are still out there. Check the label on your face wash  for the contents, and opt for a cleanser that’s plastic-free.





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